Mystery Blogger Award








I was nominated by Raeanne , for the mystery blog award. I would like to thank her very much for the award. It’s nice to know you guys, the readers, appreciate my blog and I wouldn’t have gotten very far without any of you. Pop over and check on Raeanne’s blog, she writes passionately about cruelty free beauty products.

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When in Rome

Rome, what a beautiful city.  “Quale bella città”

I have been to Rome twice, and I would go back again. There’s something magical about the city and is a great match for Paris when it comes to love. Rome is home to some of the greatest Emperors such as Augustus and Marcus Aurelius, famous philosophers like Epictetus and Lucretius, great saints, most commonly known, Saint Florine and Constantine the Great. Rome also houses some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals with beautiful architecture. You can see from the design of churches and the architect that the Roman Catholic church was, and is indeed very wealthy.

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Dior Cosmetics

We girls, love to shop. It’s in our nature, and shop designers know what their doing when it comes to department store design. We go with the intention to buy a new top we desperately need and come back out 3 hours later, six bags heavier and £300 lighter. The make-up counters are fresh and clean with glistening colors and beautifully packaged products, we just know this would look great in our make-up collection.

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Make-up Essentials

Shop these cosmetics below

I love make-up! all the pretty colors and beautiful packaging, its enticing and screams BUY ME! I feign restraint, I was one of those people that had boxes of the stuff, and guess what? I never wore it. Like everything else make-up has an expiration date, so in the bin it went. Every time I went to a shop from a young age, I always picked quantity over quality. Who wants to spend 20 pounds on an eye-shadow when you can get three or four for the same price, smart thinking huh? Well not so much, first and foremost the pigment is never that good and you have to apply at least 15 layers to get the color that’s in the palette; secondly you never wear it.

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Pack your bags and find yourself

We have all seen the films, one that will spring to mind for most is, Eat, pray, Love. We feel fed up stuck in a rut and wonder what direction our lives are heading in, then it hits us, wanderlust. The wonderful notion of packing a bag and heading into the great unknown. Maybe we will find out the meaning of life, or at the very least the meaning of our own. We ponder on where we will go, somewhere spiritual perhaps like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam or maybe just a getaway retreat to gather our thoughts like Greece or Turkey.  Most of us won’t have the disposable income of Angelina Jolie to find ourselves, living in beautiful mountain retreats and enjoying spas with lavish coconut milk baths. Most people will be on a budget, lots of backpackers travel on a budget and it is totally possible, and you don’t have to stay in hostels as there are lost of budget hotels too.

I found myself in that exact position fed up of UK weather and that feeling of groundhog day, I persuaded my other half to venture to Thailand for a month, a holiday for the soul.

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