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Sleep isn’t on the top everyone’s list. We have such hectic lives that most of us are sleep deprived. It may be due to ever changing shift patterns, we have to much on our mind or as most girls know that awkward insomniac stage in our cycle. Whatever the problem I will share my top tips and products for a blissful night’s sleep.

The Problem: Night shift

The Solution: When working night shift it’s a good idea to invest in a few key items that would help. Number one is blackout curtains. A thick pair of blackout curtains will plunge your room into darkness on a bright sunny day. This will help your body feel like it’s the middle of the night. The second key item is a Lumie light. Lumie will be your best friend. I have one myself and love it for the Winter, I always wake up at 8am in the dead of Winter to a pitch black room. In my mind it’s the middle of the night, and as it’s dark I shouldn’t be awake. Set your Lumie alarm for whatever time you need to be awake. Lumie will gradually light up until it’s fully bright at your set time. This mimics daylight as the sun gradually rises and wakes you from your slumber.

The Problem: Electronics 

The solution: If you can’t help but use your phone or laptop in bed, it’s important you activate your blue filter. Most phones have a blue filter in the setting, turn it on and keep blue light from keeping you awake. If you have a laptop install f.lux (type f.lux into google search bar to download the app) this app adjusts your screen brightness based on the time of day. As day passes and night appears f.lux adapts your screen brightness and lowers the blue light. It is well known that blue light interferes with the brains production of Melatonin the bodies sleep hormone, blue light filters and apps stops this from happening. Enabling you to use your electronics while allowing your body to prepare for sleep.

The Problem: Anxiety

The Solution: This isn’t so much a solution as and aid to help you settle down at night. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I know that it’s a battle one must fight with on so many levels, no product will fix that. There are however a few changes you can make at night to help your mind settle. Meditate, meditating at night gives your brain the help it needs to settle and enter a more relaxed state. No one says you have to sit for hours on end 10 minutes before sleep can dramatically help. Meditating is difficult as you have so much or your mind. Be patient and give your body time to settle, focus on the rising and falling of your tummy. If your mind wanders do not get annoyed. My teacher who is a Buddhist Sri Lankan monk, told me that if my mind wonders, acknowledge that it wandered. Focus on my breathing again. It takes practice and time and it may be just what you need to settle. The other way for a more calming night sleep is to stop caffeine before 5pm. Change to a Chamomile tea that has a mild sedative effect I recommend tea pigs but any brand will work. Also try a lavender pillow spray or place a drop of Lavender essential oil below your pillow.

Champneys pillow spray…

Tea pigs loose chamomile tea..

The problem: Insomnia

The solution: Again as Insomnia can be a serious medical condition, it is always best to speak to your doctor. For mild insomnia, or mid cycle Insomnia, Lush Sleepy may help. Recently I have read a lot about what people have had to say about Sleepy. It seems to be all over social media at the moment for it’s sleepy effects.I have been using this on and off since Christmas. I usually have a good nights sleep, I do use a lot of sleep products as you can see. I would say this works too. I have used it as a stand alone product and have fell asleep quickly. It’s very smooth and light and smells amazing. I suppose I’m not that surprised since the ingredients have Lavender named three times. Lavender flower, lavender oil and lavender water. You can purchase this in Lush shops as well as online.

The problem: Night Owl

The solution: Lavender, Lavender, Lavender! I am a self proclaimed night owl. I can easily stay awake to 3/4am which is bad, to fix this usually takes me 2 weeks of my partner forcing me up at 8am. This ensures the following night I am tired. When-ever I feel myself falling into the trap of staying up late I recruit all my favorite products. There are two brands I love. Champneys heavenly days, this comes as a set or can be bought individually. Bubble bath, butter souffle and pillow spray. They also do a temple balm you can use to massage your temples.

Champneys Heavenly Days..

The other brand I recommend is Ragdale Hall Spa, they also do a sleep set as well as a pamper set. I love the time to sleep body wash which is lavender and chamomile scented. they also do a hand and foot cream, bubble bath, body scrub and souffle. I’m sure I will try that soon.

Time to sleep..zzz

One of my other favorite products, is a lavender balm. I love to put a drop of this on my temple and on my wrist. I actually produced this in Thailand.

Sleep Balm…product of Thailand

If all else fails, dim the Lumie light and read a good book. Reading helps tire the brain. The low dusk lighting of lumie will help your brain produce some much needed Melatonin needed for a good sleep. It’s time to wake up feeling refreshed, lets ditch the concealer to hide those tired eyes and wake up beautiful.

Do you have any top sleeping tips? Let us know what works for you and comment below.

Champneys – Heavenly days relaxing butter souffle

Champneys – Heavenly days relaxing bubble heaven

Champneys – Heavenly days sleep pillow mist

Champneys – Heavenly days temple balm

Ragdale Hall Spa – Time to sleep body wash

Lush – Sleepy lotion

Tea Pigs – Chamomile tea

Lumie Light – Lumie bodyclock

Lavender oil – 100% Lavender essential oil



8 thoughts on “Top Sleep Tips

  1. I am always on my phone before bed or I am anxious about something or the other. I do meditate once in a while and it helps a lot. I will have to make it a habit. That way I’ll be off my phone and anxiety.
    Using lavender drops on my pillow also sounds wonderful. I shall definitely try it tonight.

    1. Hey Sushmita, thanks for reading the article glad you enjoyed it. Yes it’s difficult to get off electronics at night. you should really try the blue filter 🙂

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