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We girls, love to shop. It’s in our nature, and shop designers know what their doing when it comes to department store design. We go with the intention to buy a new top we desperately need and come back out 3 hours later, six bags heavier and £300 lighter. The make-up counters are fresh and clean with glistening colors and beautifully packaged products, we just know this would look great in our make-up collection.

I was having one of those days where I needed badly to purchase a new pair of jeans. My Next jeans were getting a whole work-out of their own as they are my favorite, I did however manage to bag a pair of Jasper Conrad jeans with a hefty 40% off which reduced the price dramatically. With it being end of season sales, this is the time I snap up all the bargains. You can wear a white top under a winter coat, or suede boots on a dry day. Unfortunately I didn’t stop there. Mentally justifying everything I bought, I bagged a few new tops and turtle neck jumper. Then I found myself at the Dior counter.

Circling my finger round the eye-shadow tester and smearing it on to the back of my hand, I had lots of ooh’s and ahh’s as I held my hand up to the light and watched the sparkle glisten on the back of my hand. There’s something mesmerizing about eye-shadow that sparkles on the back of your hand, what girl doesn’t love sparkle? I had to focus as not only was I not here to shop make-up, I really didn’t need an eye-shadow. Something I was really lacking and not in the wardrobe department was a lipstick.

As said in a previous post about make-up, was that I am not an everyday make-up wearer, when I do wear it, I like it subtle. I have always wore lip-gloss the only downside is that it seems to evaporate in under 10 minutes, What gives? Explaining this to the cosmetic girl at the Dior counter, she said she would skin match me for a lipstick. A few moments later after matching my skin she returned with a few items. She tried on the first lipstick after applying concealer around my lips and surprisingly on my lips themselves. The color was perfect, I loved it. First attempt and she got it perfectly. I had to have this, it felt like it was specifically made for me. Turns out after inquiring the concealer was actually a 2-in-1 primer. Using a brush you take the concealer and apply it to any problem areas, then like a lipstick you apply to your lips as there is a primer in the middle. Deciding to take both as they are fantastic products.

I cast my mind back to the eye-shadow. I told the girl that the palette was beautiful, she told me it was their new limited edition Autumn palette. I knew I had to keep the situation under control, I didn’t want to have a heart attack at the till. A few hours later I left the department store happy with my new purchase.

I would also recommend checking out Hogies online website, they sell discounted cosmetics. They are 100% authentic is may just be that the outer package has a slight bash. I have included the links below for the 2-in-1 concealer if you want to shop below.

Dior – Addict liquified shine lipstick

Dior – 2-in-1-prime conceal face eyes lips





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  1. I love Dior, I bought a green eyeshadow last year with very suttle sparkles. 1 Dior is worth 10 of any brand. X

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