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I love make-up! all the pretty colors and beautiful packaging, its enticing and screams BUY ME! I feign restraint, I was one of those people that had boxes of the stuff, and guess what? I never wore it. Like everything else make-up has an expiration date, so in the bin it went. Every time I went to a shop from a young age, I always picked quantity over quality. Who wants to spend 20 pounds on an eye-shadow when you can get three or four for the same price, smart thinking huh? Well not so much, first and foremost the pigment is never that good and you have to apply at least 15 layers to get the color that’s in the palette; secondly you never wear it.

You know when you spend over the odds with an eye-shadow you will carefully choose the color. You will pick your item based on a few factors, one you know you will definitely wear, and secondly works as a day an evening color.

I have to admit I am not the girl that wakes up in the morning and applies her make-up, granted I do have a skin-care routine as my skin is incredible fussy the older I get, especially my chin, that is a waging battle that is still currently on-going ha! I do however have a few key items, a few I wear on a daily basis, and everything else for all other occasions; a day out, going to a restaurant, or simply just feel like making an extra effort.

In Paris wearing my only two key items

I love Dior’s eye-shadow the colors are mesmerizing and you will not be disappointed if you make a purchase. Their eye-shadow lasts a very long time due to the high pigment, its brushes on like a dream and lasts all day and well into the night, also a little goes a very long way. The other brand I have an love is M.A.C, but I must admit my first choice is always Dior.  The second item I keep exclusively to Dior is lip gloss, the shine is amazing and a little goes a long way. I prefer lighter shades as I’m not too adventurous with lip color; unless its a special occasion I may wear red. I would also highly recommend bare minerals champagne crystal powder, its a great product to give you face a warm glow and has a slight sparkle. I also use a highlighter if I’m going to dinner, the best I have found is Bourjois as it Isn’t too over stated.

My can’t live without make-up is Mineral Magic, now this is actual magic. It’s a powder that contains different colored patches such as yellow red and pink, its suppose to cover blemishes on the skin, and trust me it does! This is what I use when I’m having a bad break-out day. The other product I use on a daily basis is L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert, I went a little crazy with my eyebrows when I was a teenager, I plucked them until they were nothing more than little thin lines above my eyes. I know, trust me I’ve looked back at the pictures, its not pretty. When I got older a friend and salon owner would constantly pester me, telling me to grow them back in, it would take a few months but would be worth it. Oh dear if I thought two thin lines looked bad you should have seen the growing process, I cringe thinking about it, what passers by must have thought. Even though it was a complete nightmare it was worth it in the end when my eyebrows where thick, and shaped properly. However I do have ever so slight areas that never came in properly, so on a daily basis need to fill them, this is why I love the L’Oreal brow pen, it hides all the flaws and no one ever notices. That is the two items I consistently wear on a daily basis, I have a theory that to keep your skin looking younger for longer, along with a balanced diet and hydration, is a good skin care routine and let your skin breathe.

M.A.C – Discontinued

Bare Minerals – Champagne Crystals

No7 –Shimmer Palette

L’OREAL – Brow Artist Xpert

Mineral Magic – 3-in-1 self correcting mineral powder

Dior – Mono eyeshadow

Dior – Addict lip gloss

Boujois – Sculpt Highlighter

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