When in Rome

Rome, what a beautiful city.  “Quale bella città”

I have been to Rome twice, and I would go back again. There’s something magical about the city and is a great match for Paris when it comes to love. Rome is home to some of the greatest Emperors such as Augustus and Marcus Aurelius, famous philosophers like Epictetus and Lucretius, great saints, most commonly known, Saint Florine and Constantine the Great. Rome also houses some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals with beautiful architecture. You can see from the design of churches and the architect that the Roman Catholic church was, and is indeed very wealthy.

The first time I booked into my accommodation in Rome, I went to the wrong place. I had booked the Rainbow Guest House and when I climbed into my Italian cab and informed the driver where I was heading, he sped off. I honestly thought the man was drunk, his driving was erratic and he was all over the road, pretty terrifying to be honest. When I arrived the gates where locked. There was a man behind the gates hosing the drive down and I manged to grab his attention. Unfortunately for me he didn’t speak one word of English, and my Italian didn’t go much further than the usual hello, thank you and can I have an iced coffee please. It wasn’t much longer till I got to speak to the manger who informed me I did in fact, not have a reservation.

I managed to find and internet cafe and he was right, I was at the wrong hotel, go figure. At this point it was well past 10pm and I hoped into another cab and made my way to the right accommodation. I was glad as this place was much nicer than the last.

€80 euro lighter for my detours we arrived at Rainbow Room guest house. The rooms themselves are outdated but for the price and location it was perfect for what we needed. Lucky for us we had an amazing view, we were Situated straight across from the Santa Maria Maggiore, the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome, the interior was just as impressive. The good thing about staying here was that it was no more than a 2 minute walk to all the major bus stops for tours of Rome. Santa Maria was one of the tour stops so you could hop on just round the side. One of the things I would definitely do in Rome is buy a hop-on-hop-off buss ticket. They stop at all the major attractions and you can spend as much time as you like and hop on the next available bus.

One of the stops we made was to the Gelateria, directly across from the Trevi fountain. I had been here a few time and was overjoyed on my second visit, where I found Ferraro Roche Ice-Cream, I can honestly say that was the best Gelato I had ever tasted in my life, still to this day I haven’t found a Gelato that comes close.

My first visit to the Trevi fountain was hugely disappointing as they were doing works. The fountain was not running and was boarded up, very sad to say the least, alas my second visit to Rome and the Trevi Fountain was running in all its splendor. It was beautiful. I spent a good hour at least just sitting at the fountain. It is best to go early morning or late at night as the afternoon is full of the usual tourists and it can be hard to find a spot.

Toss a Coin and make a wish…


St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City

I have stood outside the Vatican many times and have taken many pictures. I did however on my first Visit venture inside. I will say that unless you have a particular interest in religion, architect and art, I wouldn’t recommend. the Vatican is monstrous in size and once your inside its difficult to leave. The long hallways are filled from every angle and as far as the eye can see with people. You can’t go at your own pace as your in with the herd as they say. Its also difficult to stop and look as there is a keep going momentum in the Vatican. The Sistine chapel inside the Vatican has a keep moving momentum as well, there is a guard standing to make sure you don’t spent to much time as others are waiting to go in. As with Thailand monasteries, you must cover your legs and arms in all cathedrals, most will lend you a white wrap you can borrow, but in the Vatican you must have your own. I also would not recommend the Vatican if you are not fit as there is a lot of walking, minimum seats, and a long way to the exit.

The architect in Rome is very easy on the eye and one could stand around for hours soaking in the amazing structures.

This is one of the things I loved about Rome, the building are magnificent!

The food in Rome is truly wonderful, but I will say very pricey. try to go off side streets and off the beaten path for authentic Italian food at local prices. I had been caught out by eating near the Vatican and got a hefty bill at €80, for two sandwiches with chips and two diet colas.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery, I forgot the charger and had my phone stolen. This was the end of my picture taking in Rome which wasn’t great, but I enjoyed my time none the less. I would definitely say watch your bags at all times as pick pockets are expert level in Rome. My phone was stolen as it was sat on a table in front of me, I had just finished sending a message. A man came over and put a map down speaking Italian, I told him no Italian, English. With that he left with his map, and my phone, however; I would highly recommend Rome and look forward to returning in the future.

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  1. Rome is beautiful. The architecture, the history, the food, there is so much to do!

    You really did have an adventure in Rome didn’t you? I am glad you did find your accommodation sooner rather than later.

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